Depositing/ Banking
Q. How do I fund my account?
A. In order to deposit, you must be a registered member of luckypuppybingo.com. Once registered, just log into and click on 'Banking' link in the left menu. There you will find the different funding options available. Select the option that suits you best and your account will be funded as soon as the amount has been verified successfully.
If you pay by credit card, your card will be billed immediately after purchase. All orders will be processed immediately.
Q. Is there a minimum amount for a deposit?
A. The minimum deposit required to play games, purchase cards and be eligible for winnings is £5.
Q What is the maximum amount I can deposit at a given instance?
A. You can deposit a maximum of £500 each time you wish to fund your account.
Q. How much can I deposit on one day?
A. The sum of all your deposits made on one day is limited to a maximum £500. If you would like to increase this, then please contact the helpdesk.
Q. Can I play with a credit card not in my own name?
A. In order to protect the security of all our players and to avoid any fraud, you can only play with a credit card that matches the name you registered with.
Q. When can I request a payout?
     Please check the withdrawal rules page.
Q. What is a Bonus?
A.Bonus Bucks or 'BBs' for short are complementary promotional bonuses given to players as an acknowledgement of their loyalty. BBs are intended to increase player's playing time, thereby increasing enjoyment and chances at being BIG winners.
Please check the withdrawal rules for more details.
Q. How much Bonus am I eligible to receive for each deposit?
A. Every single time you fund your account, you receive a specific deposit bonus (BBs) based on the deposit amount.
Q. Can I use the bonus money on all the games?
A. You can use the BBs to play bingo games and win real cash but when you play casino games using BBs you win BBs.
Q. How does the points system work?
A. Our Loyalty Points System is based upon your wagering activity. The more you wager, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more you can redeem for cash.
   Game Play
Q. How can I trust the games to be fair?
A. We use one of the most sophisticated random number generators (RNG) in the world. The RNG used in all our games is tested by iTech Labs. iTech Labs Australia specializes in independent testing and certification of online gaming systems.
Q. What happens if I lose connection during a game?
If you get disconnected during a game, the game will continue to play on our game servers. Your balance will automatically be adjusted if you win.
Q. How do I play / purchase cards for bingo?
A. To play, just log in with your alias and password and click on 'Play Now'. Select the Bingo room you wish to play in and click on 'PLAY'. Once the Room loads you can buy card(s) using 3 methods
  • 1. By selecting the cards that you wish to purchase and clicking on BUY SELECTED CARDS
  • 2. By using the QUICK BUY Option.
  • 3. By using the slider to select the number of card and clicking on BUY
You can also Pre Purchase your cards. Just click on the PRE BUY tab in the left menu, choose the number of games and the number of cards you want to purchase for each game. Money will not be deducted from your account until the game actually plays. You do not have to be logged in for your pre-buy cards to play.
   Security/ Privacy
Q. Is it legal to play at Luckypuppybingo.com?
A. We adhere to strict code of conduct. Please read carefully our terms and conditions before playing and check the laws of the country in which you reside before playing. All our players MUST be over the age of 18 plus.
Q. Is my personal data safe and secure?
A. All your personal details, your purchases, the games you play and your activity on the site is 100% Safe and Secure.
Q. Are my transactions secure?
A. All your transactions are secured using C.O.M.O.D.O Secure Digital certificate, the best Internet security certificate available in the market.
Q. Are my credit card details safe?
A. We take security issues very seriously and adopt the most sophisticated technology to guarantee security and protection of your privacy. Your account information and deposits are fully protected by state-of-the-art security systems, software and services.
Monetary transactions are protected by sophisticated RSA public/private key encryption mechanisms to ensure that all information remains secure and private at all times. The security measures implemented ensure the validity of each transaction you make, and the latest fraud control systems are utilized to protect your credit card information.
AVS is one of the security measures we have implemented to prevent credit card fraud. When you submit a credit card deposit, we compare your address with the address registered for this credit card. If your deposit was rejected by the AVS system (you will receive an Email notification) you must check the address you have entered and make sure your credit card company has the correct address.
If someone steals your ID and Password or you notice unusual changes on your account status, please email us at support@luckypuppybingo.com.
   Still confused? Need more help?

Please login to your account and submit a support ticket. You can also write to us at support@luckypuppybingo.com. We are always there to help you and will get back to you within 24 hours.